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Return to Royal Park

Return to Royal Park

This consultation has concluded.

The City of Melbourne and Department of Health are working together on the Return to Royal Park project, which will see parkland reinstated on the site of the old Royal Children’s Hospital. The park will be established on the corner of Gatehouse Street and Flemington Road in Parkville, providing a new entrance to Royal Park.

Community principles

In 2012, the City of Melbourne and Department of Health sought input from the community to gather ideas and capture a vision for Royal Park. The following principles, which were inspired by the community, were used to develop the design brief:

  • Create a native park which complements the existing vegetation and landscape character of Royal Park
  • Build a place which provides passive and active recreation opportunities for all members of the community including children, the elderly and people with a disability
  • Create a sense of entry to Royal Park that is accessible and welcoming
  • Design a place for creative and natural play
  • Provide appropriate level of amenities to support the park users

 Summary of actions

 The Return to Royal project has included the following key steps:

  • Community engagement to gather ideas and confirm a vision for the site (Phase 1) - March – April 2012
  • Analysis of information gathered with technical information to develop an Ideas Plan
  • Community engagement on the Ideas Plan (Phase 2) - August – September 2012
  • Development of a design brief from information gathered and technical information
  • Development of a schematic design
  • Council endorsed the schematic design to proceed - December 2012
  • Endorsement by Minister for Health and Minister for Environment and Climate Change - January 2013
  • Detailed design stage
  • Further engagement with children and young people - March – April 2013
  • Release of design development report - July 2013
  • Documentation and tender - July – December 2013

Works are currently underway and will be completed by the end of 2014. Following a short plant establishment period, the parkland will open to the public in 2015.

Summaries of the information gathered and consultation documents are available on the links below:

Phase 1:   Community Consultation Phase 1 Feedback Report

Ideas Plan:  Return to Royal Park Ideas Plan. 

Phase 2:  Community Consultation Phase 2 Feedback Report

Schematic Design:  schematic design,

Design Development Report (July 2013) design development report


Gatehouse Street, Parkville

It is proposed to discontinue a portion of Gatehouse Street, Parkville, which will become part of Royal Park parkland. Please refer to the public notice for further information or the fact sheet attachment.  More information about Return to Royal Park can be found in the frequently asked question section.

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What is your feedback on the Return to Royal Park Ideas Plan?

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Please consider the elements of the Ideas Plan that you liked and those you think could be improved.

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What makes Royal Park unique to you?

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